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Disney Channel (originally called The Disney Channel from 1983 to 1997 and commonly shortened to Disney from 1997 to 2002) is an American pay television channel that serves as the flagship property of owner Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Walt Disney Television subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

LOUIS CHILTON wrote a piece about Disney Channel being accused of feeding children ‘anti-communist propaganda’ in resurfaced Girl Meets World clip:

In the episode, a trio of Girl Meets World‘s schoolchild protagonists embraces the ideals of communism (or “communism”, as they call it) after being caught cheating on a test. However, they abandon the philosophy when their teacher returns a perfectly scored test paper and divides their grade between them “When you get everything right, but you don’t do it yourselves, it makes you average,” he says. “’A’ divided by three is a ‘C’. Look at you. You’re all the same. You’re average. You’re common.” “Commonism. This is why it fell? People didn’t wanna all be the same?” asks Riley. “Without the incentive, there’s no motivation. Without motivation, there’s no advancement,” Cory responds. The clip was shared as a “reminder that Disney is actively giving children anti-communist propaganda”. Social media users soon piled in condemning the didactic messaging of the episode, with one widely shared tweet describing it as “deranged”. Girl Meets World is a spin-off of the Noughties series Boy Meets World, which starred Savage as a younger version of Cory. Social media users soon piled in condemning the didactic messaging of the episode, with one widely shared tweet describing it as “deranged”. Girl Meets World is a spin-off of the Noughties series Boy Meets World, which starred Savage as a younger version of Cory.


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Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Good workplace Cons: Same as earlier"

Ayudante de Producción (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente agradable. Sólo conozco el trabajo realizado por un programa y es positivo"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"This sector of Disney is in a 10 year identity crisis driven by old ideas. Not recommended to join unless you thrive in chaos and insecurity. Hope they can right the ship soon."

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They have great people working for them, but the management isn't using the amazing talent they currently have in the best manner. Wish they were able to try something new."

SECRETARIA EXECUTIVA (Current Employee) says


Former Employee - Merchandising Manager says

"I worked at Disney Channel full-time Cons: Late hours Higher upper management was not supportive, later found out he had a drug problem. He still works there, they don't know about his problem. Lack of proper training"


"I have been working at Disney Channel Cons: The company, in general, puts out a substandard product. It is difficult to be proud of the work. While very successful financially, Disney Channel is well known as an outlet for entertainment "junk food." Upper management seems to have little training in personnel relations. Treatment is often inconsistent and insulting. The overriding "Disney brand" is protected to the exclusion of creativity, communication, innovation, etc. Executives are in constant fear for their positions, creating a "safest solution" mentality. While part of a giant corporation, Disney Channel behaves as if it is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy. This translates into a pennywise and pound-foolish strategy, including financial mistreatment of workers in terms of benefits, salary, etc. The corporate face of warmth and family-friendliness is the opposite of the actual corporate culture. Executives pass judgment in areas for which they have no training or experience. Creative executives generally come out of a marketing or advertising background, toxic to the type of innovation that might produce growth in the company on a geometric scale, as can be found in a company such as Pixar before it became part of Disney."

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